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At the edge of Caldera you can discover our three-level Restaurant-Bar, ready to fulfill any pretentious palate combined with one of the most astonishing views in the world. Unique creations from our highly experienced Chef and his team, wines from our local as well as world-wide wine selection, a great choice of the top-aged whiskies and premium spirits, refreshing cocktails, and of course brand named champagnes in order to celebrate your exclusive times at Santorini.
fira, santorini - Idol Restaurant


From brunch to dinner we offer you a unique culinary experience.

fira, santorini - Idol Restaurant


Our cocktails,mocktails and wine list will excite you all day long.

fira, santorini - Idol Restaurant


Make every night special with our DJ. and get social

fira, santorini - Idol Restaurant


Let us take care of you.

Santorini island
Emerging from the depths of the Aegean, Santorini boasts its privileged location and its mystical, volcanic aura. Whitewashed houses and cobbled pathways, dramatic views from the caldera cliffs and amazing sunsets with a thousand colors bursting in the sky, all these elements compose a true masterpiece of nature.

Discover the authentic flavors and aromas of the island, indulging in pure gastronomic wonders. Local produce of the finest quality standards, traditional recipes blended with modern techniques, all topped with the genuine essence of Greek hospitality. Welcome to Santorini!

IDOL Restaurant

Both the owner Katris Loukas and the executive chef Giakalis Panagiotis stay deeply connected with the primary food production sector on the island of Santorini.
Genuine ambassadors and true pioneers of farm to table know the importance of pure ingredients creating a cuisine of a new philosophy that respects and communicates with the natural environment, bringing back high gastronomy to its roots.

IDOL Restaurant invites you on a unique taste journey offering a complete experience of hospitality and high cuisine, with a view of the unparalleled beauty of the Santorini Caldera.
Open from 8 in the morning until late at night with different dishes depending on the time of day and of course the season!!!
Enjoy our delicious creations accompanied by wonderful cocktails or with the complete and always updated wine list signed by our acclaimed sommelier Arvanitidis Telemachos.
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An Idol Kitchen (IDOL), a green Santorini
The current global trend is to create products and services with as low an environmental footprint as possible, with the aim of protecting the environment. This trend could not leave the catering area unaffected.

More specifically, more and more restaurants are trying to reduce waste in their kitchens, which are very important sources of CO2 emissions. To support this purpose, even "green" Michelin stars have been created. Such a model kitchen, or rather an "idol", has been created in the special "IDOL" space in Fira, Santorini.

There, the owner Mr. Loukas Katris and the chefs Panagiotis Giakalis and Artemis Sorotos have created a special menu, which is a model of environmental awareness and operation. These chefs choose local and not only products and in combination with the way of management and cooking, they avoid the creation of by-products.

A journey through the senses

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